NEBC Men’s Elite Team 2010

After a successful 2009 season which saw the Men’s Elite team graduate 3 racers from Category 3 to Category 2, the Men’s Elite program is back in 2010, with an 9-man all Category 2 elite team. We’re looking forward to another successful year!


David Chiu

Specialties: Roleur, Long Distance Coffee Shop and Pastry Rides

David returns for his third year as the Team Director of the NEBC Men’s Elite Program. David started racing in college, way out in Central Massachusetts, participating in the collegiate circuit and has been racing with NEBC since his Category 5 days. David is a Web Application Developer during the day and lays claim to being the team’s resident rouleur.

Alex Dossin

Specialties: Punchy uphill finishes, going to Boston University.

Alex has been part of NEBC since he was a Category 5 shop rat working at the Cycle-Loft. He currently attends Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado where he spends his days living and training at altitude to build up a tremendous oxygen transportation capacity for when he comes back home to crush us all at sea-level. While at school Alex spends his spring racing Collegiates for Fort Lewis, and represented FLC at Collegiate Track Nationals in 2009. On the road Alex has a nack for punchy uphill finishes as well as long breakaways in criteriums; Alex won the 2009 edition of the Auburn Criterium.

Jim Thomas

Specialties: Sprinting, Really big muscles, and the only person that can keep up with the Peters when they talk medicine.

Jim joined NEBC in 2008 when he moved back to Massachusetts after cruising around Connecticut for a while. Originally from Fitchburg, Jim rode with Peter (Chiu) back at Yale where Jim was studying to be a Physican’s Assistant. Jim is now an Ortho PA on the Cape, Jim is a wicked sprinter and can work it in the long breaks.

Landen Wark-Acebo

Specialties: Driving long distances, racing criteriums in ridiculous heat.

Landen originally hails from Barre, VT; Landen played soccer at an elite level and switched to bike racing while in graduate school at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro. Landen excels in criteriums, and even found his climbing legs in 2009 at the Green Mountain Stage Race.

Todd Rowell

Specialties: Rolling courses, Steady climbs, Mashing the big meat.

NEBC Main-stay, Todd was instrumental in helping start the Elite Program in 2007 as the only Category 2 racer on the team, and has been with us throughout the program’s growth. In 2009 Todd took a break from racing but couldn’t stay away for long, returning this year mixing it up in Category races as well as the occasional Master’s race.


Brock Denis

Specialties: Sprinting, Time Trials, Facebook.

Joining us this year from the Central Main Cycling Club, Brock was born and raised in maine. Maine state TT champion back in 2004. Served in the U.S. military for 3.5 yrs with 2 deployments to Iraq and was injured a week before Thanksgiving of 2007 and recieved a purple heart. Brock is currently going to school in West Virginia and racing collegiate for WVU. Brock had a phenomenal year in 2009 and won 8 races: 5 road, 3 mountain.

David Fierro

Specialties: Climbing, weighing less than everyone else.

David joins us this year from the Connecticut based Exodus Road Racing team. David took a break from racing for most of 2009 due to illness but has been working hard to come back in 2010. David was the USA Cycling #1 ranked Category 3 racer in 2008, weighing in at a svelte 130lbs David is light, but can still hold his own in a Criterium, winning the 2008 Naugatuck Criterium.

Part Time

Roy Van Cleef

Specialties: Everything – Sprinting, Climbing, Breakaways, Livestock, Gardening, Beer Making, Cheese Making, Mr Mom.

Roy has been racing with NEBC since he first started as a Category 5 racer, Roy moved his young family out to Harvard, MA last year and has been working on his house ever since! Roy has an amazing ability to read and react to races, this allows him to stay with the climbers and work the sprinters for the win, Roy has won the Green Jersey at the Fitchburg Longsjo Classic Stage Race in 2007 and 2008. Roy will be joining us for local criteriums when he can find time in 2010.

Peter Shapiro

Specialties: Climbing, Descending, being in Medical School.

Peter is another long time club member that has come up through the ranks, Peter has show time and time again to be a steadfast team mate in Crits, Circuit Races, and Road Races. Peter is currently attending Medical School on Manhattan at NYU, and will try to get out to a race or two in between class, internship, and central/prospect park crits.


Peter Chiu

Specialties: Sprinting, Riding Rollers while solving Rubik’s Cubes, Pastry, Medicine

Peter is our first retiree from the Elite Program. Peter has raced a phenomenal 2 seasons with us, upgrading from the Cat 3s to the Cat 2s after a fantastic team effort culminating in a win at the Norwell Circuit Race in 2008. Peter is currently studying medicine at Columbia (also on Manhattan) and is taking some time off from racing for his studies, not time off from the bike mind you, but we hope to see his triumphant return in a few years!

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