NEBC Elite Mountain Bike Team 2010

Kristen Lukach

Kristen fatefully lined up next to two NEBC women for her first Mountain Bike race. Those two women convinced her to stay just long enough to get hooked on racing in the mud. In 2009 she has shown dramatic improvement and much excitement, we welcome this developing talent and want to help her achieve her goals. Through the winter Kristen is focused on training for the 2010 season on the bike. It’s a long cold winter but we’re ready to unleash her on the trails!

Teri Carilli

Terri joins us in with experience on Team LUNA Chix. Teri has a Mountain Bike National Championship win from 2007 and a number of podium appearances in the local races like Pat’s Peak. In the off season Teri does a number of activities; training on the bike, snowshoeing and skiing. We look forward to all being out there as a team and seeing you at the mountain bike races!

Ben Pagano

Ben’s first race was NEBC’s own Bow Road Race. He then competed in a few hometown races in New York, like the ever popular Battenkill. Following that Ben jumped back to his roots of biking on a mountain bike. His favorite aspect of mountain bike racing is that there’s no surprise at the end when someone wins, you must pick your way through a tough technical section or climb the hill all on your own. The reward is always on the other side descending through single track.

Victoria Gates

The spunky powerhouse who comes out smiling! While she’s just entered her teen age years she’s already climbing high on the mountain bike. Victoria is hooked on racing already at a young age and we all see the excitement. Victoria has a victory at the Putney mountain bike race from 2009, a true climbers course. When we all saw her go by the feed zone happily picking up a feed from her Uncle Tony, we knew she’d be a great fit for continuing that development within the team.

Keith Reynolds

Keith returns to be the director of the mountain bike team for 2010. Keith says, “I am so excited to have this opportunity to bring more people into racing mountain bikes within NEBC”. Keith started racing mountain bikes back in 2001 in the EFTA series and joined NEBC in 2005. He’s climbed up to a Cat1 on the mountain bike and races in the Pro/Open field on occasion. He looks forward to the technical races more than the ‘roadie’ favored ones, but still likes to hone different skills. As a team we will are hosting mountain bike skills clinics to help you (NEBC) with racing. Please ask us about it whenever you see us!

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