2011 Shedd Park Cross Junior Team Report

2011 NEBC Junior Development Team Shedd Park Cyclocross Race Team Reports


bikereg.com 2011 Shedd Park Cyclocross Race Results

Emil Baungaard
I arrived at shedd park about 1 hour before my race giving me time to preside and register for my race. I was not really happy with the course because it was very hilly on one side and on the other not so much. When the race started people were falling all over the place but I was really lucky and got around the people and was the last person to hang on to the group at the front. I had a great race and really enjoyed the hills that they made.I lost a few places during the first lap but managed to bring my self up again when my legs were working. I felt a bit of fatigue in my legs since I had raced up in NH the day before. The fatigue annoyed me for sometime but I bit my lips together and fought through the pain. After all the pain I managed to place 25th out of 94 people in the cat 4 race making it one of my best races of the season.

Ethan Young-Kershaw
I got to Shedd park around 8:00 for a 9:00 race for the citizen and cat 4 men. My dad and I got to ride the course once before the cub juniors started. The course wasn’t that technical, it was a long but fast course. The worst part was the 180 degree turns while going down hill. Around 8:45 we started to warm up by going around the baseball field in the middle of the course. Emil and I were the only juniors in the cat 4’s. Emil got staged towards the front and I got staged towards the back. Once the race started, there was a crash ahead of me and I had to stop but some guy decide that I should go down to and pushed me to the left. Luckily, I had my left foot unclipped so I hopped on one foot until I could stop and pick up my bike. That put me in last until I passed some people on the dirt track. The only other problem I had was that I couldn’t switch over to my big chain ring , the Wheelworks Support Guys said it was because of some corrosion in my front derailleur, this would have helped on the staight and the dirt track section.  Next time I should check if everything on my bike is working properly!

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