NEBC U23/Junior Devo Team at the CBTT

This year the NEBC U23/Junior Development Team has been taking advantage of the club sponsored Charlie Baker Time Trial (CBTT) to hone their skills at the discipline of the time-trial. We have had a good team presence just about every week and the benefits of this type of training are really starting to present themselves.

The CBTT provides an excellent environment and format for a team training event in that we all get a chance to warm up and share tactical information beforehand because everyone starts at roughly the same time, regardless of their category. Each member of the team also gets a good solid threshold workout without the difficulties introduced by differing ability levels within the team. The course is also easy to follow, safe and relatively short. This all makes for a perfect team training environment.

The NEBC U23/Jr Devo Team and directors warming for the CBTT. Photo courtesy of Bill McCarthy.

For those who don’t know, the time-trial is an individual, timed event that pits you against the clock. There is no drafting and no team work involved; it’s just you and the road. The CBTT has been running for many, many years and for the past dozen or so it has been running from Concord on it’s current course. The CBTT is a club sponsored, organized and run USA Cycling sanctioned training race that takes place on Wednesday evenings from mid April through early September, weather permitting.

The time trail is excellent threshold training and by pinning a number to your back and calling it a race, you tend to get the motivation to push yourself just a little bit harder than you normally would in training. Personally, I’ve found the time trail to be excellent cross training for not only road but mountain biking and cyclocross as well, both of which are also more individual sports.

The CBTT is an excellent club and cycling community asset. If you are not taking advantage of it you are doing yourself a disservice. It is also a great opportunity to meet and socialize with lots of nice folks.

You don’t need any spiffy aero gear, just your normal bike and gear. For that matter, later in the year there are even nights for non-traditional TT gear, like commuter, mountain and cyclocross bikes. Have fun with it and meet some great people while still getting the full benefit of a half hour maxed out.

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