NEBC U23/Jr Devo Killington Stage Race Report

Killington Stage Race

Emil Baungaard

Cat4 Men

Saturday May 26th, Stage 1.
My family and I drove up to Killington Friday night, and arrived at around 10:30. As soon as I got into our hotel room, I immediately fell asleep. My race the next day was at 1:25 so I had more than enough time to get a good nights sleep. I then woke up at around 7:30 to go and get my numbers at the Killington Mountain School. KMS is a Very nice school. I ate lunch and headed down the mountain to the staging area. The race kicked off and we had a 1 mile neutral start. After the neutral start no one was pacing until a team called Stampede! Took over. They pulled for a little while until others wanted to hop in. When we came around the first KOM people started sprinting for it at around 500-600 meters to go. That’s a pretty long sprint if you ask me! I was surprised but tried to hang on, because I was afraid somebody would keep on going. No one went and a few people were dropped. We headed around to the intermediate sprint as a pack and I participated in the sprint. It was a hard sprint because it was going down at about 3 percent. With Junior gearing I spun out, but I can’t use that as an excuse to not being able to get the guys. Around the second KOM people did the same thing. They sprinted from around 500-600 meters to go. I hopped on, but this time people kept going, and it made it a little harder to hold on. After that we got into a pack again, and we cruised getting ready for the final sprint. As we approach the 1k to go the car in front of us tells us to stop because of a large crash in the Mens 3 field. Our race was nullified and we all got the same time. It was fine with me because I would have been destroyed in the sprint. But I hope the racers are ok!
Sunday May 27th, Stage 2.
Since our finishing times were the same the day before, we all started in alphabetical order for the 11 mile TT. I started at 9:35 in the morning and had a good breakfast. My dad and I biked down to the start so that I could get a little warmup in before the start. When we got to the start I had around 20 min, so I hopped onto one of the Cycleops trainers that were set up for everyone to use. I got a good warmup in before my start. When I had sprinted out of the start house, I was pushing hard. Im not very good at pushing myself and I quickly realized that I was dying in the middle of the TT. I was pleased with my time, but when I saw the results, I wasn’t too happy. Luckily I’m a better road racer than a time trialler, so I still had some time to make up on the Monday. I ended up in 34/54 in the TT and 3 minutes behind the leader, a little too much. Oh well onto the next day of racing!
Monday May 28th, Stage 3. Memorial Day!
I got down to my start at 9:55 to sign in, and I watched the 4’s leave. After the masters it was the 4/5’s. At staging the leaders were called up, and they were announced in front of Killington Mountain. We then left the staging area and had a 1k neutral start. After the neutral start we were still only moving 18 mph. Then when we hit the first small hill, we started ramping up the speed. Right over the top a group of 3 or 4 riders decided to attack on a downhill. They didn’t hold up too long because we were eagerly catching up to them. We caught them at the bottom of the downhill section and then we stayed as a pack. When we hit the first climb, a group of about 7 broke away, including the KOM leader. They were very strong and stayed away for the rest of the race.I then quickly got into a group of about 10-15 riders and we all rode together until the last big climb. When we hit the bottom of East Mountain Road, a junior then broke off. I held his wheel for a little while with another racer, but then he quickly got away. We had all 3 gotten away from our group. The man in front of me then caught the junior and I held him in sight the whole way up the mountain, but I just couldn’t get him. As we climbed, the BONK support crew sprayed me with water, which was very nice because it cooled me down a lot. I then kept on battling. I saw my dad on the way up and he said I was in top 10, and that made me very happy. Nobody passed me on the way up, but I passed a few riders from other fields. When I saw the top of the first part of the climb, then I was happy. The end was in reach. I finished 9th on that stage, and 12th overall GC. I just hoped I could have TT’d better, because that could have set me in the top 10. Oh well better luck next time! I really enjoyed the race, and would definitely recommend it for anyone who wants to try their personal fitness! Its a hard race, but it really gives you a great feeling when you’re done!

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