U23/Jr Devo Team Domnarski Farm MTB Report

Domnarski Farm MTB Race

Emil Baungaard
Cat2 12-18
On Sunday, I woke up at around 7:30, and left my house around 9. I drove to Ware with my parents and it took around 1.5 hours. When I got there I warmed up on the course with my team mate ethan. After that I went down and ate a cliff bar before my race. The race had kicked off and I got the whole shot, to the first little hill. As mike had told me I ran up the first hill, because there were too many rocks and roots for it to be ridable. There were a lot of water puddles at least 2 feet deep. It was a fun race, but a little harder than the past races I have raced. I ended up in 4th, but the results say I’m 5th. That is because there was a 12 or 13 year old boy who had switched numbers with his dad, so he got his dads time and his dad got a DNF. It might not show on the results, but I’m sure I came in 4th. It was a fun race! And I definitely enjoyed all the climbing. I was surprised how many people flatted out. But all in all everyone did great!

Ethan Pearl
Cat2 12-18
This was my third mountain bike race and my first cat 2 race. The cat 2 lap was about 10 miles of single and double track with a lot of climbing. Hearing this and everyone talking about how muddy the course was, I knew that this would be a tough race. Being my first cat 2 race, my goal was just to finish close to everyone else and not come in last. But this did not happen.

I got to the race a little over an hour before my race so I would have plenty of time to ride the course and get ready. For my warm-up I rode about the first half mile of the course (which was almost all uphill) then turned around and rode back. I felt sufficiently warmed up so I went back to my car and got ready for the race. We lined up about 20 minutes before the start time, but the races were going off a little behind schedule so we started about 15 minutes later.

I started behind the really strong riders in the second row. I stayed behind them but in front of a few people so I didn’t fall behind or have to chase anyone. The beginning went well until we hit the first climb and I had some trouble with my clip getting stuck but I recovered quickly and ran up the hill. I held my position for a while; we fell into a good pace and just rode our own race. The trail became double track with more rocks, but I am used to this type of terrain so I felt good. A few women from the race behind me caught up and passed us then there was a steep downhill into a sharp muddy turn. I avoided the large rocks at the beginning then took and inside line to avoid the slick berm on the outside. I made it through the puddle and started to turn when my rear tire slipped out and I went down, landing hard on a rock in the mud. At that point I decided that I was in too much pain and my leg was bleeding too much to continue so I began the 1.5-mile hike out. (which was not too much fun) But the first part was going pretty well so hopefully next time I will do better.

Ethan Young-Kers​haw
Cat3 12-18
This race started out like any normal MTB race, line up, watch the other flights go off, and to start our race. I was in the Cat 3 12-18. Now after the two big hills on a small “flat” I all of a sudden wake up wheezing like I knocked the air out of myself. I was bleeding from the side of my face and my vision was kinda hazy for like a minute or two. Once I came too, I picked up my bike and started walking most of the course. I rode a little bit on the fire roads with a kid who just wanted to go slow like me. At the time I had no idea what was wrong with me. This guy named Dave had come back for me after I said I had a headache and was kinda dizzy. My older friend who took me to the race came back to help me too. People were flying down the last hill and came pretty close to hitting us. After the kids race we went to Mary Lane hospital and got a cat scan. So I have a concussion and won’t be riding for a while unfortunately.

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