NEBC U23/Jr Team Purgatory Road Race

Purgatory Road Race


Emil Baungaard

Cat 4


Waking up at 5:30 is never fun, but the fact that I did it for bike racing it is definitely worth it! I was headed into my first cat 4 race and I was really excited. When I got there I met up with Noah, and we just rode around the parking lot. We didn’t get much of a warm up, because we knew there would be a 2 mile neutral start. When the race had started, I was really scared. Noah and I started about 3/4 of our way at the back of the field and then gradually moved our way up. On the first hill in the neutral start, a guy had crashed and I almost got caught in it, but luckily I had a chance to swerve around. Luckily I didn’t go down. As we got started with the first lap, the pac picked up, especially when we hit corners. I had a hard time going down the long hill, but I managed to keep up because I had chosen a wheel to sit behind. I felt really strong for the whole race, but I had unfortunately run out of gels, but thanks to a good team mate Noah! he had an extra and generously gave it to me. The last climb before the finish was pretty bad, it was very steep and everyone was pushing their max up it. On the last lap, the racing got a little more chaotic, because people were eager to get up front and get in good position. A guy that I had raced against at Blue Hills went off in a solo break away, and he stayed away the whole time, till we hit the last hill. I wasn’t in the best position on the hill, but since I’m a good climber I moved up a lot of spots and was able to get in front of a lot of people. going into the final sprint I sat on a guys wheel who was speeding past everyone, and in the last 100 meters I took off to the left and sprinted around him. I really enjoyed Purgatory because it was very well run! Everyone there was very helpful. I also saw a lot of NEBC member 😀 hope you all had fun! Great Race!

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