CBTT Results 8/15/2012

I think turnout was a bit suppressed by the threat of thunderstorms. But that turns out to have been a doubly bad judgement by those who stayed home. First, it didn’t rain. Second, Eric Brandhorst bet John Whisnant beers for everyone if he got exactly the same time as the last few weeks. And beers for all won! John clocked in at 23:22 for the umpteenth time. I think he’s off to SMART to fix this issue. Past president Cathy Rowell had a PR. Bob and Lee were glad that it was a light turnout as their daughter’s family flew in tonight.

Next week is MTB Championship night. The first week of September is CX Championship night. Stay tuned to the club broad tape for plans for the last week of August. Hard to believe we are almost in CX season. BRRRR!

Results are here.

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