CBTT Results 8/29/2012

Between the Club Championship and GMSR we must have the most non-aero night since 1985. We also had a pretty full house and Bob, Lee, and I were hoping everyone got in before dark. They did. A big thanks to Eric Brandhorst who volunteered to hold, held 41 riders on a cool evening, and then rode to the fastest time of the night. Nice job. Johan Gibcus, who has been a bit of a regular since he relocated from The Netherlands, set the 2nd fastest non-aero time. He had a disc and didn’t really want to be counted as non-aero. But the rule is no aero bars = non-Aero. It isn’t as though Peter Megdal or Paul Curley would give up their discs. Matt Mitchell almost got into the record books, too. Brian Igoe showed up at the start with a broken rear derailleur cable and rode in his smallest cog the whole way. This was offset by a new aero helmet.

Thanks to Lee, Bob, Jim L., and Eric.
Results are here.

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