Providence Race Report

Adam Walton Cat 4 35+ Providence Festival Day 2

The early morning weather at Providence was perfect: cool, calm and sunny at a beautiful location in the Roger Williams Park. Up until now I’ve been most worried about what happens during the race, this Sunday I learnt it’s also important to pay attention to the ‘administrative’ side. When I registered I didn’t notice I’d been given the wrong number and signed blindly. We managed to sort out the confusion later so the other rider wasn’t materially affected. The second error was not to check the results after the race, if I had I would have discovered I’d been missed off the finish list totally. I need to get into the routine of checking my placing straight after the race to avoid this in future.

The race itself felt like another improvement for me with only a couple of minor slips that didn’t cost me any serious time. Once again the off-camber sections were the most challenging for me and with plenty of off-camber on this course I was reasonably pleased to get through relatively unscathed. I got a reasonable start and managed to hold off some challengers and also grab a few more places as the race unfolded. Even though my finishing position (at least unofficially) wasn’t that great I was pleased to beat a couple of experienced guys with better records than me.

I used a chain-catcher for the first time and I’m fairly sure it saved me from at least one dropped chain. I was also pleased to cope with a couple of features that were new to me: the flyover and the ‘Black Hole’, the latter being a seemingly suicidal pair of steep descents into a deep dip followed rapidly by sheer climbs out again.

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