Van Bares

Van Bares

The NEBC board was saddened to receive word that Van Bares passed away on Oct 25th 2012. The funeral service was held at St. Mary’s Church, Winchester on Monday, Oct. 29th.  On behalf of the BOD and all of NEBC we offer our sincere condolences to Luciana and family and in the next few weeks we’ll find ways for NEBC to remember Van. Van was a fixture in NEBC and the local cycling scene for so many years he will be missed by all. The words of Bob Evans express this much better than I can:

“By now it’s likely you’ve heard that Van Bares, a steadfast friend and racing companion who for decades invigorated the New England cycling scene, passed away recently after a protracted, and characteristic of him, upbeat and aggressive contest with cancer. For those of you who never benefited from falling into Van’s wide-ranging orbit, a little illumination. Van was a mentor at heart and a champion of both Masters and Juniors racing; he served as President of the Masters Cycle Racing Association and pushed hard to expand its membership and masters racing in general, while at the same time working to introduce new blood into the sport via the Kid’s Crit, both as an organizer and, through his insider influence at the Winchester Rotary Club, a funder. He was a perennial participant in Massachusetts Senior Games, whose cycling component he was instrumental in rescuing a decade or more ago when it fell on hard times. As a consequence of his prodding and his example, Massachusetts and NEBC have, for many years, been a force to reckon with in the bi-annual National S-Games. Last year, at the 2011 Games in Houston, while already beginning to grapple with cancer, he finally realized his longstanding goal of becoming a National Senior Games gold medalist. Van served NEBC for years as a BoD member and Treasurer; in the “real” world, he was a highly-sought-after consultant for the design and construction of foundations for large structures (dams, skyscrapers), an enterprise that that required him to make protracted trips to faraway places like Russia and Indonesia and to answer late night phone calls from all over the globe. These calls he took, when possible, while riding his trainer.

That was Van.

We miss him greatly.

Lee and Bob”

His professional career was as varied and interesting as his cycling life. Van was a graduate of Jesuit Leone XIII in Milan and the Polytechnic Institute of Milan with a Doctorate in Civil Engineering. Among his many accomplishments as a civil engineer, he oversaw the building of the foundations of the World Financial Center in New York City, was a consultant for the “Big Dig” Central Artery tunnel project in Boston, assisted in the foundation troubleshooting of 18 subway systems around the world, and the design and construction of several major dams around the world.  Once agan thanks to Bob for providing this incite. I did not know Van well, but I do know from speaking to people how much he will be both missed and remembered.

 A recent newspaper article is at:

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