Update to NEBC by-laws

At last nights NEBC BOD meeting we voted to slightly amend Article XI Section 1 of the NEBC by-laws. As required here is notification of the change on the web site.

As background as a USAC club we always try to run USAC sanctioned events.  Unfortunately USAC has been less than helpful recently when permitting the clinic and now the Van Barres Kids Crit, in fact they have increased prices and added restrictions that make it difficult to operate these events.  In our by-laws NEBC had to use USAC for all event insurance if it was available, no matter how expensive or restrictive that may be. Recent issues with USAC question if that is always the best option for NEBC. To keep the paperwork correct and to give the board some flexibility for 2015 and beyond we voted to change the wording of Article XI, Section 1 so that at the discretion of the BOD we can authorize a non-sanctioned event if it was felt appropriate.  This does not mean we have to, only that we CAN do so if USAC continue to make things difficult.

Article XI Section 1 will now read:

NEBC shall not conduct any event unless the Club is sufficiently insured for liability for that event. The Club shall first seek coverage through USAC via special permit or other requirements. If coverage by USAC is not possible, or if USAC coverage is considered by the BOD to be overly restrictive or too expensive for the purpose then the Club may then seek coverage for the event through an insurance company or by other means directly.

In addition, to keep the document current, references to USCF (United States Cycling Federation) have been updated to USAC (USA Cycling) as the governing body.

Following the BOD vote this change is now active, but can be challenged or repealed at the next AGM. If there’s any questions please let me know.

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