CBTT Results 9/3/2014

So, I guess Joni Mitchell was right, you don’t know what you got til it’s gone. Last CBTT of 2014 and we had our highest rider count: 31. Pretty good, but I’m glad I remembered my lights for the ride home. I also realize how lucky I’ve had it compiling results with smaller fields.

It wasn’t a super fast night but we had some good times. Eric Pearce had the fastest overall time but it was pretty much right on top of what he has been doing all summer. Eric is off to live in Pasadena, so when he is back, it will be non-aero. Marti got slowed by traffic. Hard to know whether she would have taken out her record.

And speaking of records, Dean Phillips won himself a national championship today!!! Congratulations. Train with the champs is what I say.

Even though we didn’t announce it, as the last week of the summer, we by 150 year tradition declare it ‘Non-road Bike Championship Night’. Cameron Cogburn showed up on his mountain bike and pretty much blew away the previous time. All I can say is some combination of ‘Pros’ or ‘Kids’, whatever. Fast.

Thanks to Jocelyn for timing AND finding volunteers all summer (talk about thankless) and Mike Harris for holding. Also, thank you to everyone who has helped out over the summer. It seems to me we might have given Ed Kross his easiest CBTT summer ever. Well deserved rest.

See you all next year.

Results here.

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