Harvard Ken Harrod Memorial RR 2015

Great job by everybody today at Harvard, first race reports are below:

Men’s Cat 4IMG_3151-c1084

Charlie Dow


I was very proud of our team today . We had an outstanding showing and red and white kits could be seen everywhere . The host team commented on our numbers being greater than theirs.
With 82 pre registered riders and a massive downhill finish, you knew placing in this one would be tough.Nonetheless. Ryan ( Depeche Mode) Pesch and rising star Micah Nelson took things into their own hands taking the KOM on Lap 2.
Captain Johnny Cakes O’Connor did his usual job at staying at the front and shutting down any chance of a break, then led the charge up Oak Hill on Lap 3 taking an unofficial KOM but letting the pack know who could climb .
I was happy to race beside Greg Costigan who has worked very hard this year and stayed competitive to the end.
Mike Dellacava had some nice pulls at the front and finished up strong .
Ryan Tomb actually made it to the race. .( Love ya Tomstone!)
It was an off day for Cugo and Russ, prob still feeling the strain from their huge efforts at Killington.
Me? I did what I do best, draft off big people on flats, go fast downhill, and try to stay in front with little people on the climbs . Despite getting in good position over the last climb and kicking out with the lead 5-6 guys, we got sucked up in the 40 mile an hour finish. In a full ski Tuck and with wheels shaking, there was just no room to go and I took 18 th. So once again when my little asked “Daddy did u win?” The answer is no , but we all got out safe and had a great day.
Good job to all!

Greg Costigan

What a fun day racing with the NEBC cat 4 men. Here is what I noticed throughout the race. We all got there early and made sure to line up right at the front. Right from the start, Jon and Ryan grabbed their position towards the front of the peloton and stayed there right til the end. Chris and Mike had great first pulls on Littleton road setting up the the others to hit Oak Hill hard on the first lap.

Ryan and Micah hammered off on the second lap and won the KOM. Micah says he let Ryan have the KOM and the beer, but if he was 21, I don’t know if he would have been so generous. Late in the race, Jon took off for a break away and was off the front for a while. Ryan did a great job shaking his head when Greenline Velo demanded he pull through and chase. I found it very hard to move up with such a large field. Somehow Charlie seems to find his way through the peloton. He does an excellent job moving up when he wants to. Where it looks like there is no space, Charlie finds his way in, especially in the last lap where he was in a great position at the top of Oak Hill, heading towards the finish. After Jon got caught, I tried to do my part and get him and Micah back up toward the front.  I ended up finishing in 32nd out of 83, right behind Ryan and Jon in the pack finish. They originally gave me a DNF, which forced me to head back to the race and contest. The race organizers were able to straighten everything out and got me correctly slotted.

Minuteman put on a fantastic race and it was awesome racing with the team. Great job by everyone who showed up to the fly the NEBC colors.

Chris Cugini

Harvard Education

Forgive me team for it has been a long time since my last report.

It is quite something to see our growing men’s Cat 4 contingent lining up at the start.
(great picture David)
Going in, I had trepidations about this race due to field size and narrow roads and that dang Oak Hill.
That soon dissipated as I maintained good position at or near the front of the race all the way to the big right hand turn. The descent was a blast. During our recon ride I had noticed some nasty potholes in the center. Keeping that in mind I stayed wide through that section. The first ascent of Oak Hill was tough but not blistering, It did however weed down the field just a bit making the second lap even more fun.I maintained a steady pace on the yellow, not letting anyone come around that way to get closer to Jon Micha Ryan and Doc. A couple of guys from team Columbia aggressively elbowed through though. Hitting Oak Hill the second time heated up. I did not play that well at all. I figured the race may ease after the KOM. but alas it did not. So the gap occurred. Mike D launched a heroic solo  effort to reattach. Tom C and I rode with a few guys in chase with Ryan Tomb climbing back on. We managed to pick off a few riders along the way finally reeling Mike D back in. Coming in to the final “sprint” I did ease off and let a few guys come around as I didn’t even know they were there.
Great job to all the guys, especially the doctor.
Also a quick shout out to WIlliam Charini. Nice showing in the 5’s glad to see you are racing.

off to MMRC. but can they start this one at 9:00 am?


Ryan Pesch

If like to definitely give a shout out to everyone out racing and taking photos for the red train! It was a great way to spend a morning.

The course was pretty fantastic with a couple technical corners some fast downs and nice drag up oak hill. NEBC was well represented in all facets of the race. I had a blast racing with everyone and Jon had a solid nip off the front. I was only disappointed in my finish but as far as tactics and positioning I nailed my plan. Can’t ask for too much more, but back to the drawing board! Good luck to everyone at purgatory next weekend I’m going to be swapping for some fat tires!

See you on the road

Mike Dellacava

I think this was definitely the biggest showing of nebc that I’ve been a part of! Very cool and fun to have the chance to race with all of you and great job.

My race suffered from a poor decision. All was going well for the first two laps, stayed with the lead pack to the KOM. At the KoM, I tried to stay strong early to not lose the front but when the surge came I *decided to not pursue and risk blowing up. I planned to reconnect over the top because the few KoMs at Killington lead me to believe that people attack them then recover. Lost my race here. The surge after the kom came and I spent the next two laps solo, chasing the main pack, always just in sight enough to really crush my mind and legs. Think I averaged 175bpm for too long on those last laps.

Anyway, points to take away:

1. Don’t assume the race will recover after an attack just because it does in other races.

2. Very hard to move up in a large field like that with center line rule, so stay up front early and hold it with everything you got.

3. If you end up gapped and solo, instead of hammering forward, look back quick to see if slowing is the better option. I could have dropped back a bit more and joined up with Chris, Tom, and Ryan. They really helped me get up that last oak hill once they caught me. Tom’s words still ringing in my ear as he machined up the final bit of the hill, “stay on”.

Aside from a few annoying moments getting cut off by some junior racers and a lot of blatant disregard for the center line rule on Oak Hill where the field is so large, I had a great day.

Thankful to have the team and all of you sharing your advice and discussing strategy. Otherwise i’d just be left to stew on my own thoughts until next time ha.

Thanks again for another great race! First official cat 4 race. Looking forward to more.


Ryan Tomb

Thanks so much to Chris, Tom and eventually Mike for helping me get through! The weeks before the race I had been putting in a lot of miles, including doing Killington. I felt like I had the legs to work for Ryan a bit, but after the first hill my energy flagged, and the only way I got through was by just stomping on the pedals and doing my best to avoid getting too winded. Good job with the KOM, I wish I was strong enough to be up there! Right now my goal is to make sure I feel healthier going into future races, and maybe do a little better at Purgatory next week. Hope to see everyone there!

Ryan T


Men’s Cat 5

Phil Pereira

This was my 2nd road race ever, and I had a great time, even if I once again finished off the back (55/75, so I consider it a respectable finish given my experience). Oak Hill was my undoing right away, and I think it was in part because I was trying to be conservative and hoping that in subsequent laps other guys ahead would pay the price (it kind of worked, I eventually passed three guys). But my takeaway is I need to work on my pacing (which a power meter would have helped, as my HR was way elevated due to adrenaline on the first lap so it wasn’t really as useful for me as it usually is), because I may be leaving too much on the table. Couldn’t have asked for a nicer day, though, it was great. Now, I suppose I need to think about Purgatory!

Zachary Levy

Today was my first time racing for NEBC, although the results for some reason did not list NEBC as my team even with it listed in my Bikereg profile. I lined up right in the front with the Cat 5s and off we went. The first lap was very relaxed for the most part and I managed to get no further than 15 or so back. The second lap was a totally different race with the KOM on the line, the fastest lap in our race with multiple attack efforts being shut down. I made an attempt at the KOM but unfortunately was gassed a little early and decided to relax through the last 200 as the pack reformed at the top. The last lap saw more attacks and I eventually ended up about 3 wheels back at a point with about 3 miles and a climb to go, I was feeling good. I managed to hold my position through most of the climb and just missed a crash ahead of me at the top. I unfortunately got stuck about 10-15 seconds off of the lead pack right around the top of the hill and was never able to catch on the downhill. My race ended in a 6 man sprint up the last hill and I managed to fight off the rider behind me for 2nd in that group and 15th overall! Super happy with the race and looking forward for more races with NEBC.

NEBC Women’s Team at Harvard 2015



Jocelyn Mauldin

Started the day 6 strong, hopes and ambitions were very high. I was pretending I didn’t have a cold, thinking it was just a mental thing.

Katherine drove the pace early and gave the field a few fits but overall not much reaction. Acmae, Aiyana and myself were doing a good job of sticking together hoping between the 3 of us to pull of  both a QOM and a podium.
Heading into lap 2 the field was mostly together. At the bottom on Oak Hill, Acmae dropped her chain and like that every changed. I didn’t know about Acmae’s misfortune when things wound up for the QOM. Typically this would have been my thing but for some reason I hesitated thinking partially that Acmae was going for it as we had discussed earlier and partially that it was too early. Aiyana snapped me out of  it pretty quickly and I took off but wasn’t able to catch up. Three of us crested the climb together and about 10-15 bike lengths back from the leader. We tried to work together but my legs weren’t there and I wasn’t able to pull like I wanted to, the lead stayed about 10 bike lengths away, so close yet so far.
I sat in for a long while, amazed at how many people in the field had no idea that Green Line and Riverside were very successfully blocking for the ladies down the road. Aiyana tried to organize and pull things back but there was

no help. It was eye opening when the official car pulled up and said that the break had 90 seconds on us. Then it was time to prepare for the finish. I was in the front and looking to see what I could do for Aiyana when she came around with a head of steam from the other side of the road. Everyone surged but much to early for my taste and in the end I settled for a field finish. Overall disappointing, mostly that I missed the break because I mentally couldn’t manage it. (I will not use my burgeoning cold as an excuse) Never ceases to amaze me how much harder it seems to chase someone up a hill versus charging up it of your own accord. Time to settle in for some real training rather than fast riding. We’ll see how the cold progresses before Purgatory.

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