CBTT Results 6/3/15

Light turnout tonight.  Nice night, though.  Traffic was way down in Concord, so the private schools must be letting out.  Peter Megdal had the best time of the night.  But the same as last week.  SE wind is not a good direction for the back half of the course.  Steve Pelletier of Comprehensive showed up for the first time.  Steve is a world class Master’s Track Pursuit guy.  I was wondering how fast he’d be.  I guess there is a difference between 4k and 10 miles.  Ryan Tomb had a better time non-Aero than he did Aero.  And that was after TTing out from Somerville.  Not bad.  Ginger Howell missed the River Rd turn.  I got worried about her when she didn’t show up.  But all was well (from my point of view), she just got lost, not hurt.

Thanks to Jim and Brandon for helping out.

See you next week.

Results here.

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