CBTT Results 6/10/15

Nice turnout tonight – 24 riders.  Beautiful night.  On top of the riders we had a nice bunch of visitors, too.  Cathy Rowell, ex-club president and Gary J. showed up at registration.  At the finish Mike Harris, Mitchell Foley, and Dan Butler watched and socialized.  We had quite a few new riders, which is great.  Unfortunately, a couple of them missed turns. I hate it when that happens.  But the really exciting stuff happen at the start.  Dan Brabander was about 2 pedal strokes into his ride when his steering tube snapped.  Luckily, he was not hurt.  Dawn Michelle had a flat, but someone had loaned her a tube and inflator so she made to the finish without worrying me too much.  The 545 guys had a fastest guy buys the beer contest.  I miscalculated the times at the finish, so Eric Poch bought the beer, but it should have been Tom Keene.  Sorry,  if you’d just offer to buy me the beer I swear I’d do better.  Brandon Holden had a strong ride and was fastest of the night.

Thanks to Jim, Susan, and Dale for helping.

See you next week.

Results here.

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