Longsjo Race Reports

Charlie Dow

This was a pure crash fest. 91 riders , avg speed 27 mph around 4 tight curves. I was the oldest guy in this Crit. I came in 40 th, the other guy over 50 came in 78 th. I got there late, had no time to warm up, show and go.The key here was not getting tangled up with the other riders, and putting on the jets on the flats. Crits are all about cornering and moving up,but there was no place to go. Three major crashes broke up the field, and the pace dropped a lot of guys off the back.
Jonny O’Connor did a nice job if staying up front until getting in a crash on the 3 rd lap from the end. I was proud of my boy Greg Costigan who was on my tail at 42 nd, this kid has worked hard all year and hung right in there.
The talent level here was high and these kids are fast. No Country for OLD Men.
I’ll be back tomorrow for Worcester.
Charlie Dow

Greg Costigan

Right from the start, Longsjo was off with a bang. Charlie, Jon and I got there early to make sure we were positioned right near the front. Jon said this race would be fast from the start and he wasn’t lying. I think I stopped warming up a little too early because the first 5 or 6 laps were pure pain. My legs were tight and dead those first few laps. It took a while for me to learn to stay near the outside and keep my speed in the turn. I burned way too many matches in the first few laps staying on the inside, almost coming to a stop on the turn and being forced to punch it to stay on with the field. This race was filled with crashes. One bad turn on the back resulted in two crashes. I saw riders being forced up on the sidewalk multiple times.

Going into the last lap, I was moving my way up but got caught behind a little crash right before the small hill going into the second turn. I was forced to empty the tank to catch back onto the field. I came in right behind Mr. Dow, in 42nd out of 90. This race was fast as hell and I was happy to see the hard work I’ve put in helped me hang with the 3s.

Tough break for John who got caught up in one of the crashes. Hopefully he is good to go for the rest of the weekend. Great job by Charlie who can still hang with all the young guys. Not racing today, but racing the 4/5 and 3/4 on Sunday.

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