CBTT Results 6/22/16

Cory Small showed up fresh off a great UCI stage race in Ireland.  He put in a really nice effort on a medium fast-ish night.  He was a little annoyed with me, though.  I’ve been trying to work around a pothole 25 ft after

the start and I moved the course start and finish 100 ft clockwise.  This meant he didn’t get the Strava segment.  Oh, well.  On the other hand, Katherine and I decided that the new start/finish isn’t better, so he will have tonight’s Strava segment forever.

Kathy Herzog said she thought not being the slowest would be too tough of a goal, so she was shooting for just being faster.  Not only was she 1:30 faster, but she was 2 ahead of her stretch goal.  Nice job!

We had several new faces.  Welcome, we hope you had a nice time.  My teammate Lara Gibson didn’t have a nice time.  She had a flat by Kimball Farm w/o a spare.  Last I heard she was calling home and Mike Harris went up to help her.  I’ll sport her entrance fee if she comes back but Wednesday night is her husband’s golf night.

Mitchell Foley and Sue Mohler kept us company at the finish.

Thanks to Jim Perrotta and Mark Bowen for helping out.

I’ll be away 7/6 and 7/13, so we are looking for people to run the TT those nights.

Results here. http://nebc.us/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/CBTT-62216.pdf

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