CBTT Results 6/29/16

We lucked out and missed the rain.  I thought it might be a fast night but the results don’t bear that out.  Most folks had faster times last week, although Mark Bowen had a musher better night this week.  The wind turned W at the

last minute after being SW all day.  James Carrington made an appearance.  It’s been a while since we’ve seen him.  A couple of new folks.  Daniel Nuzzo-Meuller had the fastest time of the night.  But Zach Levy had a great NA ride.  One new comer made a wrong turn.  I hate that.  He gets his next entrance fee comped by me.

Thanks to Jim and Attish for helping.  I’m sorry that I didn’t manage to remember his last name despite the fact that he told me.  Names have never been my strong suit.  Sorry.

I’ll be away for the next two weeks (unless a small cottage viagra o cialis yahoo on an island

in ME with my mother becomes unbearable).  cialis generique Jocelyn is doing next week and we still need a helper for the 13th.

Happy 4th.

Results here.

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