CBTT Results 8/3/16

Great turnout!  29 riders plus one ghost who missed registration but somehow got a time.  We had a couple of celebrities.  Kurt Begemann and Tom Stevens showed up.  I threw Kurt a curveball and didn’t mention that we start acheterviagrafr24.com with 30 second intervals.  But it did;t hurt him too much.  He put in a very fast non-Aero time.  Tom is working his way back into CX shape after a series of nagging injuries (I sure know what that is all about).  William Crabtree had the fastest time, acheterviagrafr24.com but he was gunning for his teammate’s time from one of the weeks I was away and doesn’t think he got it.  Dave Hendry had a personal best, nice job.  Mike Harris was shooting for sub-24, but just missed.  Julie Bernardi showed up with her son.  I tried to set it up for a shootout, but he missed the turn and she beat him..

You guys need a rematch.  We had 3-4 new folks.  Welcome to you all.

Thanks to Mark and Jim!

Results here

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