CBTT Results 8/17/16

Another really good turnout, 31 riders.  This is getting to be fun, again.  We shortened the course to 9.5 miles because of construction on Liberty Street

and finished across from the Fenn School.  It was a faster finish and I think it was easier for riders to really empty it out at the end.  Maybe we keep the finish here and start a whole new set of records.  If so, Ed Parsons has the current course record for aero men, Preston Buehrer for non-aero men, and Katherine Snell holds it for women.  I guess I can’t ask Katherine’s advice about whether we keep the course or change it.  I think Kurt Begemann sent all his clients up tonight.  Thanks Kurt.  Tom Coughlin had a few of his co-workers out.  Tom Stevens was back and he brought a friend.  I added a column adjusting the actual time to give you a rough comp for previous times.  It wasn’t a very fast night – headwind on the way out.  Results here.