CBTT Results 8/24/16

Crazy Night.  We had a serious car accident at the top of the last hill that closed the road just

before the start.  Jim and I were going to finish the TT before the accident, but we got lucky.  The accident cleared at

6:20 and we got started just a few minutes late.  Still had the shortened course from last week due to Liberty Street construction.  Tonight was the NEBC club championship night.  We’ll break it out by 5 year brackets, but Peter Megdal put in a blistering ride of 21:12 NA and at age 57 is not only 55-59 champion, but overall club champion.  For the women, Katherine Snell, our erstwhile promoter, had the fastest women’s time and wins the 50-54 age group.


Men’s Open Peter Megdal

Women’s Open Katherine Snell

M 45-49 Christo Tinkov

M 50-54 Mark McMaster

W 50-54 Katherine Snell

M 55-59 Peter Megdal

M 60-64 Graham Rae

M 65-69 Erik Husby

W 75-79 Julie Lockhart

Some of these categories were uncontested.  Maybe next year we can a few more of you all out.

See you next week.

Results here.

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