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3rd Annual White Mountain Cycling Classic

Jerry Babcock, Cat 5 – MEN, 25 Miles 3rd Annual White Mountain Cycling Classic, Lincoln, NH, Saturday, June 24th, 2012 Photo/Video Highlights The weather was once again fantastic no clouds in the sky and 70 degrees. The course is set up as a Criterium featuring 6 laps. Each lap started at Loon Mountain Ski Resort… Continue Reading

Purgatory Road Race

Kyle Welch – Mens Cat4 35+ 1ST Raced Purgatory today in the Cat 4 35+ wave. Weatherwise, pretty much a complete 180 from last weekend’s chilly washout @Lake Auburn. This was my first race as a Cat 4, and I was pretty nervous heading in, as while I felt I’d be OK from a “pedaling… Continue Reading

Lake Auburn Mens Cat 5

Kyle Welch – Lake Auburn RR: 3rd place Cat 5 In the week heading up to the race, there never seemed to be much doubt that this was going to be a wet race.� It’s a pretty far drive, and with only $30 invested, it was tempting to bail, but I don’t mind riding in… Continue Reading

2011 Tour of the Hilltowns

2011 Tour of the Hilltowns – Men’s Cat 5 Tom Coughlan – 11th of 48 starters Going in to the race I was a bit more worried by the talk of narrow, steep, badly-paved downhill stretches than I was about the uphill sections. (I should have been worried about both, of course.) There were about… Continue Reading