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CBTT 6/27/12

We had a reasonable turnout for an iffy weather night. Bill Ingraham came with his silver medal from the Michigan 24 hour race. 281.3 miles, I think. But most importantly, the winner ages up to the 75+ category, leaving Bill the odds on favorite for 2013. We had quite a few new riders, which was… Continue Reading

CBTT Results 6/20/2012

It sho’ was hot! Fast, too. I thought a few more of the top guns would be out. Skip was there, but not racing. I got thumped by Mike P. at the track on Sunday, but he was not out tonight. That left Dean, and he definitely showed up tonight. He beat his non-Aero record… Continue Reading

CBTT Results 6/13/12

Well, where were you all? Weather was fine, in fact a pretty fast night, but…. I hope you didn’t get sucked into riding the rollers or, worse yet, the trainer. We had, in the words of the prophet Isaiah, a faithful remnant, or perhaps more appropriately, in the words of Louis from Casablanca, the usual… Continue Reading

CBTT Results 6/6/12

We had a pretty good turn out for an iffy night. The rain all slid south of Rt. 2, so it was sunny and nice in Concord and Carlisle. Luckily for Jerry Jacobs and Bob Stasey, they took me at my word that it is not off unless I say it’s off. It was pouring… Continue Reading