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CBTT Results 5/30/12

Thanks you to Ed Kross for saying a few words about Scott. I know that all of us who knew Scott appreciated it. Eric Brandhorst printed out a booklet of Scott’s commentary on the results. It made me remember that I don’t do much of that. As my own remembrance, I’ll have a go at… Continue Reading

CBTT Results 5/23/2012

Hi Everyone, We had some interruptions in the starts tonight and a cop that went through with lights and siren. So, I have some funky start times. I hope they are right. Let me know if your time doesn’t make sense. Thanks to Lee Evans for timing and registering and dealing with traffic, to Jim… Continue Reading

CBTT Results 5/16/12

Results are up. Sorry I am late. An eye infection eventually led to mini-surgery today. Thanks a ton to Keith Reynolds who took over at literally the drop of a hat. Also, thanks to Noah Epstein who stepped in to hold at the last minute. Mark also was there in a heartbeat. Lee, Bob, and… Continue Reading

CBTT Results 5/9/12

Bob and Lee are back! We had an almost one to one ratio of support staff to riders. Six rider and four volunteers. Thanks to Bob and Lee for returning and doing there thing! Thanks to Julie for timing and Tom Doucette for holding. Results are here: Continue Reading

CBTT Results 4/25/12

Congratulations to Marti Shea for setting a new Women’s Aero Record. I still haven’t built the 2012 calendar, sorry. Thank you to Sue Mohler for timing, Julie Lockhart for registering, Tom Doucette for holding the riders, and Skip Foley for holding Lorelei. Results are here. Continue Reading