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CBTT Results 5/10/17

Well, we’re back with some nice new pavement.  Thank you Town of Carlisle.  We had a lightish turnout.  It was good to see some of the regulars.  William Crabtree and Daniel Nuzzo-Meuller came to get some Killington tune up in.  Daniel had the fastest time on the night.  Pretty fast for a coldish day with… Continue Reading

CBTT Results 9/7/15

Last night of the season.  Where did the summer go.  Sun sure goes down fast and there was a lot of back to school traffic.  Time for CX.  Slowish night.  Too bad, I know Mark Brittle was looking to go under 23 minutes.  But NE12  put an end to that.  Good to see the 545… Continue Reading

CBTT Results 8/31/16

Sorry I’m late with these.  Dinner and a conference call came first.  Pretty decent night, almost 80 with a SW wind.  Mark Brittle almost broke his 23m mark on his first night back from the UK.  Dan Goldman of 545 Velo came out for the first time this year.  Kurt  Begemann had a nice NA… Continue Reading

CBTT Results 8/24/16

Crazy Night.  We had a serious car accident at the top of the last hill that closed the road just le cialis en ligne before the start.  Jim and I were going to finish the TT before the accident, but we got lucky.  The accident cleared at 6:20 and we got started just a… Continue Reading

CBTT Results 8/17/16

Another really good turnout, 31 riders.  This is getting to be fun, again.  We shortened the course to 9.5 miles because of construction on Liberty Street and finished across from the Fenn School.  It was a faster finish and I think it was easier for riders to really empty it out at the end. … Continue Reading