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CBTT Results 6/18/14

Wow, we finally got a nice night. Light NW wind, low 80’s. Kind of night that makes you want to come out and race bikes in the evening. We had 17 riders. Time to start to see some more of the old regulars out there. Where are you Igor B., Eric B., Lou S., Brooke… Continue Reading

CBTT Results 6/11/14

We don’t seem to be able to get out of this East wind low 60’s pattern. Marti Shea showed up but had a bad time with traffic. So, no record. Dan Brabander had decent ride going but had a mishap just before the finish. That’s to bad. Thanks to Mark Bowen for holding, even if… Continue Reading

CBTT Results 5/21/14

Well, we had a good turnout – 19 riders. The regulars are returning. Nice to see Joel Bard and Jeremy Cratty back. Weather was okay temp-wise but an E wind at 13 mph made things feel slow once you got to Carlisle Center. Nevertheless, it was the night of the fifties with 3 of the… Continue Reading

CBTT Results 5/14/14

We are a good turnout tonight: 23 riders. Quite a few riders out to practice for Killington. Tim Mitchell of CCB, our current record holder showed up. He put in the 3rd fastest ride, but since he already has the fastest, no alteration to the records. Actually, it was a slowish night, cool with an… Continue Reading

Charlie Baker TT Results 5/7/2014

We had a very nice evening for our first night back. 15 riders and a great support staff. Thanks to everyone who showed up and helped and rode. Great to be back. We did have a complaint to the police that we were in the way at the 4 way stop. I don’t think we… Continue Reading