Açmae El Yacoubi

Açmae El Yacoubi

Age: 31

Occupation: Software Engineer

Category: Cat 4

Specialties: Road Races, Hills.

Year Racing and How you got into cycling: I come from a running background. I dabbled with cycling in 2009 when I started doing triathlons (2009-2010). I was never good as a cyclist. Muscles take time and memory, but cycling was a great cross-training for me. I biked for fitness since 2010, and did a couple races for the shits and giggles, with no particular goal in mind but to see what bike racing is, and see if I can get the same fun and adrenaline that running gave me. It was until I moved to the NorthEast in 2013 that I decided to solely focus on the bike as my main sport. 2015 is my first racing year and I am starting as Cat 4.

Goals for 2015: Upgrade to Cat 3 (or at least by early 2016), learn CX.