Aiyana Currie

Aiyana Currie

Age: 38

Occupation: Mom & Banker

Category: Cat 3

Specialties: Trying to figure that out…

Year Racing and How you got into cycling: I participated in the NEBC skills clinic in 2004 (or 2005?) after racing Triathlon for a few years. Cycling was my favorite and it stuck. Raced a few crits for two seasons, then took time off for kids & a move across the world. While in Asia I got pretty serious into racing and participated in long road races, including multi-stage and one UCI race. Returned home to the US & am enjoying racing with women. In Asia I mostly had to race w the guys! I like a good sprint & some technical corners, but I’m finding I prefer road races.

Goals for 2015: Perform solidly in Pro/1/2/3 Women’s fields and get my groove on.