Charles Dow

Charles Dow

Age: 53

Occupation: Cardiologist

Category: Cat 4

Specialties: Road Races, Crits, Downhill finishes, Support climber / Senior Peloton member

Year Racing and How you got into cycling: I was always a little guy at 5’ 8 “ 155, but somehow played Varsity Football, Basketball and Lacrosse. After getting knocked unconscious playing freshman football at Harvard , i focused on lacrosse as a midfielder and played on the varsity squad . After medical school and residency I focused on marathon running and after 10 years and getting down to a 2’ 40 “ Marathon time my body said No Mas.
I returned to cycling well after age 40 and started racing at Welles ave, promptly losing my firrst race. Over the last 10 plus years I have focused on weight loss, hill climbing, tactics , and most importantly focusing on team building. My strength is off the bike, attracting new riders and being an ambassador for the team , the club and most importantly for the sport. I’ve come close to the podium and am having a great year, but my goal is always to support the superstars on our team and get them the wins they deserve . Most importantly it’s about having fun and making the team like a second family.

Goals for 2015: Upgrade to Cat 3 (or at least by early 2016), learn CX. Do more fun rides with my 7 year old!