Dwight Norris

Age: 34

Occupation: Quality Assurance Engineer

Category: 4

Specialties: Criteriums, Pulling

Year Racing and How you got into cycling: I started cycling my senior year in college when members of the JMU Cycling Club told me I should do road biking to make my mountain biking better (I was on the JMU Track Team as a hurdler so endurance wasn’t my thing). After a few races at Virginia Tech, UVA, Appalachian State, U. Maryland and the NAVY I was hooked. As Steve Joseph stated, I had watched Tour De France since I was 11 and was inspired by the riders strength and I had never truly “seen” another country before so vividly. I joined my first amateur team in Fairfax, VA and rode with them for 2 years and improved my skills. In 2008, I moved to Boston and joined NEBC. I rode actively until 2010 when I managed to get my first pack finish in a Cat 4 race (my goal) at Well’s Avenue (B) and another criterium in Virginia. I stopped riding my bikes completely after those races until July 2014 when I decided that cycling is what I love to do and I should do what I love instead of finding constant reasons not to ride my bike.

Goals for 2015: Regain my ability to finish criteriums and road races.