Jocelyn Mauldin

Age: 33

Occupation: Medical Device Research and Manufacturing

Category: Road: 4, CX: 2, MTB: Sport

Specialties: Cyclocross, anything that goes uphill and crit style racing (on or off the road)

Year Racing and How you got into cycling: On and off since 2006.

I was using a mountain bike to commute to work. I was also trying to use this mountain bike to ride with my boyfriend on shorter road rides, not very practical. Then I got upset because he was spending every Saturday morning doing stuff without me (mostly because a cheap mountain bike can’t do high speed long distance road rides). Finally decided that I wasn’t going to be afraid of skinny tires and bought a road bike. It was awesome! Then the girls on the UNC squad started harassing me about trying a race. I bit the bullet, pulled the mountain bike out of the closet and tried a cyclocross race. As they say “the rest is history”. I’ve never looked back.

Goals for 2015: Learn how to “dance” with my mountain bike, have an awesome time riding and racing, gain the punch and confidence to actually sprint at the end of a race, and maybe swing a cat 3 upgrade.