Jon O’Connor

Jon O’Connor

Age: 35

Category: 4 (Mens Race Captain)

Specialties: Long brutal climbs, fostering team spirit.

Occupation: High School Art/ Photography Teacher

Year I got into Racing 2011. Did a citizens 4/5 race with 12 folks in the Catskills and won it.

Goals for 2015: Continue to foster team racing with NEBC. Upgrade to Cat 3. Establish High School Mountain bike team

I was a bike commuter for 10 years following in the footsteps of my dad who rode to work everyday. My buddy convinced me to try out a road race. Racing turned out to be a more than just an outlet. During the ups and downs of life racing is a constant source of focus and structure and it always feels good to turn the pedals over. Team racing is much more fun than being a lone wolf so I’m thrilled to have many strong and supportive teammates. I really feel that cycling brings out the best in people. I’ve become passionate about mountain biking this past year and am building a team at the High School I teach at.