Lisa Berger

Age: 49

Occupation: Food Safety Consultant

Category: Cat 4

Specialties: Mmmmm . . . still figuring that one out!

Year Racing and How you got into cycling: Unbenounced to me, my husband bought me a road bike in the Spring of 2012 so that I could keep up with him on our rides. I was not happy with this expensive purchase. Up until then, it was a hybrid or beach-cruiser type bike. The minute I got on, I was hooked! I was not only able to keep up with him, but started beating him on rides and hills which then sparked my interest in racing. My first race was Jamestown in the Fall of 2012 and then started with the women’s development team the following Spring.

Goals for 2015: Keep the rubber down and ride and race to the best of my abilities! A podium would be nice too!