CBTT Results 9/3/2014

So, I guess Joni Mitchell was right, you don’t know what you got til it’s gone. Last CBTT of 2014 and we had our highest rider count: 31. Pretty good, but I’m glad I remembered my lights for the ride home. I also realize how lucky I’ve had it compiling results with smaller fields. It… Continue Reading

CBTT Results 8/20/14

Wow, what a beautiful night. Concord did us proud and did a great job repaving the gas main patch. We had a solid 22 riders tonight. The Mayor of Chelmsford was present overseeing things. It also seemed to be Peter Mooney night all except for the fact that I can’t get Peter to come anymore.… Continue Reading

CBTT Results 7/30/2014

We had a pretty good turn out considering the race in Beverley tonight: 23 riders. We had some new juniors from the M3 Team again tonight. Unfortunately, we also had a few wrong turns. The traffic finally let up and everyone but Peter Megdal was happy about that. Peter likes the extra kick he gets… Continue Reading