CBTT Results 7/23/2014

Lordy, Lordy. I do declare. It is summer. Kinda figured we’d have some fast folk coming out for some records and PR’s. Tim Mitchell showed up gunning to take back his title. Marti Shea was up, too. Tim came mighty close but was probably thwarted by nasty traffic. He said he actually had to sit… Continue Reading

CBTT Results 7/9/14

Dang! It was a fast night and a bunch of you proved it. Dean beat his last week’s record time by 9 seconds and averaged 30.5 mph. I never had time to update the records. There were some other nice times, too. Seems like it was 545 Velo night. We had 80 degree temps and… Continue Reading

Longsjo Leominster

Great NEBC effort last night in some very tough races at Leominster, part of the Longsjo Classic weekend. Tim was in good position until his chain (not chin) broke, Charles and Jon finished in the second bunch of a very fast field. Nice to see Ryan and Patrick in NEBC colors. In the women’s race… Continue Reading

CBTT Results 6/18/14

Wow, we finally got a nice night. Light NW wind, low 80’s. Kind of night that makes you want to come out and race bikes in the evening. We had 17 riders. Time to start to see some more of the old regulars out there. Where are you Igor B., Eric B., Lou S., Brooke… Continue Reading

Berkshire Classic Race Reports

Jon O’Connor Okay, I got to hand it to John Eustice (promoter), this was a very fun race. Lets see: 80 miles of stunning roads in the Berkshires on a perfect day 68 degree day. Check. Fabric race number instead of crinkly paper. Check Free Tee shirt for signing up early. Check. Solid Marshaling. Check… Continue Reading