Purgatory Race Reports

Jon O’Connor   Took advantage of my senior citizens status this year and raced in the cat 4 35+.   Ironically the race was a few minutes faster than the cat 4 u35 in the morning.  Though the race is named for purgatory chasm, its appropriate for other reasons.  Round and round on a circuit… Continue Reading

CBTT Results 6/11/14

We don’t seem to be able to get out of this East wind low 60’s pattern. Marti Shea showed up but had a bad time with traffic. So, no record. Dan Brabander had decent ride going but had a mishap just before the finish. That’s to bad. Thanks to Mark Bowen for holding, even if… Continue Reading

2014 Ken Harrod Memorial Havard Road Race

Jon O’Connor Congrats to MRC for getting this race off the ground. Perhaps a little too successful: the 4 field was swollen with 91 registrants and 70+ starters.  Very crowded fields on very narrow roads so good positioning was- as I expected- crucial. The harvard course is fast and punchy.  Familiar turf for us NEBCers.… Continue Reading

Killington Stage Race Reports

Alistair Leigh –  M50+ (Cat 1-4) Even for the M50+ field, racers came from all over including NY, CT, ME, Ontario, Quebec – even OK – so this was definitely more than just a local weekend race!!  The circuit race on Sat was relatively mellow with 3 x 18 mile loop including a 5 mile climb of ca. 2-3%.  There… Continue Reading

CBTT Results 5/21/14

Well, we had a good turnout – 19 riders. The regulars are returning. Nice to see Joel Bard and Jeremy Cratty back. Weather was okay temp-wise but an E wind at 13 mph made things feel slow once you got to Carlisle Center. Nevertheless, it was the night of the fifties with 3 of the… Continue Reading