Purgatory Road Race

Kyle Welch – Mens Cat4 35+ 1ST Raced Purgatory today in the Cat 4 35+ wave. Weatherwise, pretty much a complete 180 from last weekend’s chilly washout @Lake Auburn. This was my first race as a Cat 4, and I was pretty nervous heading in, as while I felt I’d be OK from a “pedaling… Continue Reading

CBTT Results 6/6/12

We had a pretty good turn out for an iffy night. The rain all slid south of Rt. 2, so it was sunny and nice in Concord and Carlisle. Luckily for Jerry Jacobs and Bob Stasey, they took me at my word that it is not off unless I say it’s off. It was pouring… Continue Reading

Lake Auburn Mens Cat 5

Kyle Welch – Lake Auburn RR: 3rd place Cat 5 In the week heading up to the race, there never seemed to be much doubt that this was going to be a wet race.� It’s a pretty far drive, and with only $30 invested, it was tempting to bail, but I don’t mind riding in… Continue Reading