CBTT Results 8/22/2012

Well….(in the words of Jack Benny.) Tonight was MTB Championship Night but the results were foreordained. I thought there were more mountain bikers out there. Nevertheless, Cathy Rowell repeated as MTB Champion beating last years time by nearly 30 seconds and on a full suspension bike with wicked big tires. Past NEBC President, but racing… Continue Reading

CBTT Results 8/15/2012

I think turnout was a bit suppressed by the threat of thunderstorms. But that turns out to have been a doubly bad judgement by those who stayed home. First, it didn’t rain. Second, Eric Brandhorst bet John Whisnant beers for everyone if he got exactly the same time as the last few weeks. And beers… Continue Reading

CBTT Results 8/8/12

Sorry results have taken some time to get up. I was away. Must have been a pretty fast night. Marti Shea set a new Women’s aero record and Paul Cosenza posted the second fastest Men’s non-aero time. That was despite multiple reports of bad traffic. Thanks to all who helped out. I know of Lee… Continue Reading

CBTT Results 7/25/12

Considering the NW wind, it was a pretty fast night. We had 2 self-reported PR’s (sorry I got too much to do to keep track of that, too.) I think Igor and Tom Keery might have had PR’s, too. It was nice to see quite a few old friends tonight. Dave Leedberg was down for… Continue Reading