Women’s Development Team: Nutmeg Classic 2012

Women’s Development Team Race Report Nutmeg Classic Criterium, June 9, 2012 Category 3, 19 Starters: Katherine Snell 6th, Julianne Oberle, 7th Category 4, 19 Starters: Elizabeth Cummings 3rd, Marissa Acosta, 14th place Masters 40+, 9 Starters: Katherine Snell 3rd The Nutmeg Classic Criterium course is a beginner friendly criterium course at Walnut Hill Park in… Continue Reading

CBTT Results 6/20/2012

It sho’ was hot! Fast, too. I thought a few more of the top guns would be out. Skip was there, but not racing. I got thumped by Mike P. at the track on Sunday, but he was not out tonight. That left Dean, and he definitely showed up tonight. He beat his non-Aero record… Continue Reading

CBTT Results 6/13/12

Well, where were you all? Weather was fine, in fact a pretty fast night, but…. I hope you didn’t get sucked into riding the rollers or, worse yet, the trainer. We had, in the words of the prophet Isaiah, a faithful remnant, or perhaps more appropriately, in the words of Louis from Casablanca, the usual… Continue Reading