CBTT Results 4/18/12

I have not built the the 2012 results calendar, yet. Sorry. Another job. But in the interest of timely reporting, results are here. It was not a fast night, never is with an East wind.  But tons better than 43 and raining.  Thank you to Bill McCarthy for holding, Emil Baungaard for whipping, and Sue… Continue Reading

Women’s Development Team: Myles Standish

Myles Standish State Forest Race, April 15, 2012 Category 1/2/3, 11 Starters: Katherine Snell 7th,  Julianne Oberle 8th Category 4, 28 Starters:  Elizabeth Cummings 3rd The Myles Standish Forest race is run on a short, five mile circuit that is about as flat as any road race course ever gets with lots of little rollers with twists and turns to get… Continue Reading

Women’s Development Team: Chris Hinds

The racing season is under way!  Last weekend was the Chris Hinds Crit and this weekend has both Battenkill and Myles Standish.  The Spring Clinic is a smashing success for yet another year with NEBC developing more racers.  Below are race reports from Katherine Snell and Marissa Acosta, both part of the 2012 Women’s Development… Continue Reading

Charlie Baker Time Trial Starts April 18th

We are all set to start the TT again in 2012.  SMART continues as our title sponsor with the same benefits as 2011.  The paving on Lowell road is completed.  There was some work being done on the other side of the street on Monument St. by Hutchin’s Farm.  It did not appear to be… Continue Reading