Race Reimbursement Program


The aim of the NEBC RRP program is to encourage race participation and member involvement in the club activity, and requires volunteer time to ensure our events and programs have the necessary support. In particular we need regular volunteer support for CBTT and large numbers of volunteers for both the clinic and Van Bares Kids Race. For those who volunteer and support the club events the club will reimburse a portion of the race entry fees for local USAC and EFTA events.


2017 Race Reimbursement Program (RRP)

  • The goal of the NEBC RRP is to encourage members to race and to provide a pool of volunteer resource to assist with NEBC events and club activity.
  • NEBC RRP is open to all adult members of the club in good standing. Junior members have a separate RRP and different volunteer requirements, any juniors wishing to participate should contact the BOD for details.
  • All RRP submissions and any supporting documentation for travel expenses must be delivered on time via e-mail, on or before 11:59pm on Dec 15th 2017, submissions delivered late will not be accepted.
  • For Club RRP the following race and volunteer requirements apply:
  1. To qualify for RRP members must perform some volunteer activity for NEBC
  2. A BOD designated volunteer role qualifies for RRP, check with the BOD for details of which roles qualify.
  3. For members who do not have a designated volunteer role the volunteer requirements for RRP start at 6 hours of volunteer time, at least 3 hours of which must be at the official NEBC events (CBTT, Van Bares Kid’s Race, Racing Clinic, NEBC CX or other events as approved by the BOD).
  4. For members completing the volunteer requirement NEBC will reimburse a portion of the race entry fee for official USAC and/or EFTA races. Please note that all non USAC events (usually Ice Weasels, Battenkill etc) are NOT included in the RRP program. Reimbursement is on the race entry fee only, not on any associated Bikereg fees or related fees.
  5. The member must hold a current USAC racing license for 2017
  6. The USAC racing license must correctly list Northeast Bicycle Club as the club, and, importantly, NEBC p/b Cycle Loft as the team for all disciplines. Please remember the team name is not just NEBC, or Northeast Bicycle Club, or old versions of the name, this is a sponsorship requirement, please check you license details. Races not showing the correct team and club will not be reimbursed.
  7. Bikereg details and all race entry forms and waivers for all RRP races must have Northeast Bicycle Club as the club, and NEBC p/b Cycle Loft as the team name where appropriate. Please check your Bikereg account settings. Races not showing the correct team and club will not be reimbursed.
  8. For 2017 RRP there is a 2 race deductible before the RRP reimbursement starts, this is instead of having an 8 race minimum as some of the previous RRP schemes did. 2 RRP qualifying races in each calendar year are not reimbursed. All qualifying races should be listed on the RRP submission, the 2 lowest full cost races will be used as the deductible, second same day races or discounted entry races still count for RRP but not for the 2 race deductible, and then all qualifying races after the 2 deductible races are available for reimbursement under RRP.  If the 2 race deductible is disproportionate the BOD, at its discretion, will have the option to use an averaged deductible race cost to maintain approximate fairness among all RRP participants
  9. Volunteer activity must be recorded and confirmed with the volunteer coordinator and/or the event promoter.
  10. For 2017 there are 2 levels of reimbursement:
    • 6+ hours of volunteer time, at least 3 hours of which must be at the official NEBC events (CBTT, Van Bares Kid’s Race, Racing Clinic, NEBC CX or others approved by the BOD), will qualify for up to 25% of qualifying race fees reimbursed
    • 12+ hours of volunteer time, at least 4 hours of which must be at the official NEBC events (CBTT, Van Bares Kid’s Race, Racing Clinic, NEBC CX or others approved by the BOD), will qualify for up to 50% of qualifying race fees reimbursed.
  11. Stage races count as one race. Track days count as one race. Training races and non USAC sanctioned track events do not qualify.
  12. For the race to qualify for RRP you must start the race and show best efforts to finish, legitimate mechanicals, crashes, injury or being pulled by an official still qualify for RRP, but DNS does not.
  13. After June 20th 2017 the current Craft NEBC jersey MUST be used for all RRP qualifying races, unless race or series leader jersey supersedes. The 2017 Craft NEBC jersey must be used for podium.  Our sponsors help to fund the team and RRP programs so it is important their current logo gets displayed in all RRP races. For races prior to June 20th 2017 the previous Castelli jersey must have been worn for any RRP qualifying races.
  14. There is a $450 cap per person per year for the 2017 RRP.
  15. If oversubscribed all reimbursement will be reduced proportionally to meet the BOD approved budget amount. All reimbursements are at the sole discretion of NEBC BOD.  RRP is not guaranteed and the program may be changed, reduced or suspended at any time by the BOD without notice.
  • NEBC members who are also part of an official NEBC Team Program can still participate in the general RRP. Volunteer RRP commitments have to be met in addition to any team requirements.
  • For Team members the team target races and any team event where a team race fee subsidy of any type is provided are not included in Club RRP. To qualify for club RRP on the other races the racer must adhere to the additional RRP volunteer guidelines, race deductible, and all deadlines for submissions for their non team RRP races.  Subsidized team races do not count towards the 2 race deductible.

RRP Payment

RRP submissions must be received on or before December 15th 2017.  Payment will usually be in January of 2018.  NEBC membership for 2018 must be renewed prior to payment of 2017 RRP.

NEBC Travel Subsidy for USAC and UCI events outside the USAC NE Region.

In additional to race fee reimbursement NEBC will continue to offer a travel subsidy for USAC National Championship and UCI World events held outside of the North East USAC Region. Members must qualify for Club RRP to qualify for the travel subsidy, but the travel subsidy is in addition to the $450 RRP cap, not part of the cap. Members with 12+ hours of volunteer time qualify for up to $250 travel subsidy per trip; members with 6+ hours of volunteer time qualify for up to $125 travel subsidy per trip (max 2 trips per member per calendar year).

If travel might be claimed you must advise the BOD by e-mail for prior approval BEFORE travelling to the event, requests submitted after the event will not be accepted or approved.  This is a reimbursement of actual expenses. Expense details, copy of the approval and supporting documentation should be provided with the RRP submission. Unless otherwise approved in advance the travel subsidy will be paid with the end of year RRP check.

USAC Officials Support

NEBC understands that without officials events do not happen.  For NEBC members in good standing the club offers support for USAC Officials in the form of license fee reimbursement for new and current officials who work at least one NEBC or USAC event during the year.  Submit documentation and receipts as if for RRP on or before December 15th.  Reimbursement payment will be in Jan 2018 with RRP payments, continuing NEBC membership for 2018 in good standing is assumed.


Download the 2017 RRP Details Here