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Killington Stage Race Reports

Alistair Leigh –  M50+ (Cat 1-4) Even for the M50+ field, racers came from all over including NY, CT, ME, Ontario, Quebec – even OK – so this was definitely more than just a local weekend race!!  The circuit race on Sat was relatively mellow with 3 x 18 mile loop including a 5 mile climb of ca. 2-3%.  There… Continue Reading

Sunapee Race Reports

Jon O’Connor So much for our recon ride,! The 2014 Sunapee course was rerouted on the northbound pass to hook closer to the lake due to an incomprehensible decision to earmark the day before the race to give the roads their first face lift in ages.  But it may have been for the best:  rather… Continue Reading

Battenkill Race Reports

Well done to everybody who rode at Battenkill, here’s the complied race reports: Ralph Hanseler I had a great day placing third in 60 plus masters.  The road conditions were much improved over the prior weekend’s pre ride.  Weather, however, was much worse with the wind.  Still on cloud nine about the day! Jon O’Connor… Continue Reading

CX Race Reports

Late posted but more race reports from Adam: Casco Bay Cyclocross Adam Walton Cat 4 10/13/12 I made my my longest trip yet for the Casco Bay race in Portland. Originally this was to be a family trip with an opportunity to get to know a city we hadn’t previously visited, but ended up as a… Continue Reading