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CBTT Cancelled 8/19/15

They look to have at least another day’s work to do.  Also, the patch is not adequate in several places and there is still a steel plate down on the course.  I’m not optimistic about the patch being upgraded this year.  I’ll keep on top of it. John Continue Reading

CBTT 8/12/15 Cancelled

No  TT tomorrow.  They are still working and the patch is not great.  There are also steel plates in the road.  UGH!  Hope for better progress (and patching). Continue Reading

CBTT Results 7/1/15

Well, you missed a nice night for a TT.  Rain came through about 4:30 and that cleared out nicely.  Fast conditions.  There were 8 riders who trusted the force.  Al Kumnick put in his 500th consecutive effort (kidding but close).  Same with Ed Kross.  Ginger Howell and Andrew Hood, who both missed turns last time… Continue Reading