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CBTT Results 8/20/14

Wow, what a beautiful night. Concord did us proud and did a great job repaving the gas main patch. We had a solid 22 riders tonight. The Mayor of Chelmsford was present overseeing things. It also seemed to be Peter Mooney night all except for the fact that I can’t get Peter to come anymore.… Continue Reading

1986 NEBC Team Photo

I ran across this as a result of a racer reunion ride of riders from the early eighties. Jim Presig, Saman Madj, and Steve Zale are in the middle row. They were all grad students at MIT. I think that may be Elaine Braun-Keller in the front row. Anyone else recognize anyone? Continue Reading

CBTT Results 5/14/14

We are a good turnout tonight: 23 riders. Quite a few riders out to practice for Killington. Tim Mitchell of CCB, our current record holder showed up. He put in the 3rd fastest ride, but since he already has the fastest, no alteration to the records. Actually, it was a slowish night, cool with an… Continue Reading

Introductory Racing Clinics

Want To Try Cycle Racing? Experienced cycle coach and racer from NEBC (North East Bike Club) will offer Introductory Racing Clinics for small groups of new men & women riders on weekday evenings staring in Concord MA. What does the clinic teach? Riding & relaxing in a group pace line Basic cornering & climbing skills Sprinting &… Continue Reading