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Introductory Racing Clinics

Want To Try Cycle Racing? Experienced cycle coach and racer from NEBC (North East Bike Club) will offer Introductory Racing Clinics for small groups of new men & women riders on weekday evenings staring in Concord MA. What does the clinic teach? Riding & relaxing in a group pace line Basic cornering & climbing skills Sprinting &… Continue Reading

Van Bares

The NEBC board was saddened to receive word that Van Bares passed away on Oct 25th 2012. The funeral service was held at St. Mary’s Church, Winchester on Monday, Oct. 29th.  On behalf of the BOD and all of NEBC we offer our sincere condolences to Luciana and family and in the next few weeks we’ll find… Continue Reading

CBTT Results 8/29/2012

Between the Club Championship and GMSR we must have the most non-aero night since 1985. We also had a pretty full house and Bob, Lee, and I were hoping everyone got in before dark. They did. A big thanks to Eric Brandhorst who volunteered to hold, held 41 riders on a cool evening, and then… Continue Reading

CBTT Results 8/22/2012

Well….(in the words of Jack Benny.) Tonight was MTB Championship Night but the results were foreordained. I thought there were more mountain bikers out there. Nevertheless, Cathy Rowell repeated as MTB Champion beating last years time by nearly 30 seconds and on a full suspension bike with wicked big tires. Past NEBC President, but racing… Continue Reading