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CBTT Results 8/8/12

Sorry results have taken some time to get up. I was away. Must have been a pretty fast night. Marti Shea set a new Women’s aero record and Paul Cosenza posted the second fastest Men’s non-aero time. That was despite multiple reports of bad traffic. Thanks to all who helped out. I know of Lee… Continue Reading

CBTT Results 7/11/12

Had to update the same two records as last time! Congratulations to Marti Shea who beat her own record! Parker Heath and Will Herman came back on their tandem and beat their third best tandem time. The wind died down in time for a fast night. We had almost 40 riders despite the evening’s race… Continue Reading

CBTT 6/27/12

We had a reasonable turnout for an iffy weather night. Bill Ingraham came with his silver medal from the Michigan 24 hour race. 281.3 miles, I think. But most importantly, the winner ages up to the 75+ category, leaving Bill the odds on favorite for 2013. We had quite a few new riders, which was… Continue Reading

CBTT Results 6/13/12

Well, where were you all? Weather was fine, in fact a pretty fast night, but…. I hope you didn’t get sucked into riding the rollers or, worse yet, the trainer. We had, in the words of the prophet Isaiah, a faithful remnant, or perhaps more appropriately, in the words of Louis from Casablanca, the usual… Continue Reading